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Quick Start

Getting started on Quickzu is super easy and anyone can create their WhatsApp digital store in 10 seconds.
After Signup, you will get this quick onboarding screen (Image 1.1) to set up your store. you can also change this after set up in your dashboard under Business Settings.
Image 1.1
Image 1.2
Fill these details -
  • Store name/business/brand name - Put your store name or business name example- Le Cafe
  • Language- select your language.
  • Domain name (subdomain) - this will be your own whatsapp store URL, example- lecafe.quickzu.com.
  • Store/Business Address - here put your business/store address.
  • Mobile(WhatsApp)- fill your WhatsApp number here, this will be used to get order on WhatsApp.
  • Country & Currency- select and set your country and currency for your store.
  • Category- you need to select your store category, if not listed then choose others. ( choose restaurants for hotel and cafe etc. to enable veg/non veg menu settings)
  • Receive order on- select where you want to get your orders from customers( even if you select whatsapp only, your order details will be on web dashboard)
Image 1.3
now just click on create store to finish onboarding and your whatsapp store will be ready.
Image 1.4
once you create store, you will be redirected to dashboard. you can add other information related to business and payment can be added in Business Settings.
now lets add Product and Categories at whatsapp store.