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Agency/Partner Dashboard

We have made it easy for agency/resellers to just send us a few details and we will configure a fully white-label account for them
why Quickzu doesn't have self signup system for agency plans?
because we host every agency dashboard on a separate container, which gives agencies the freedom to scale anytime, it makes the site faster and also if any agency request paid customisation or integration that can be easily done since every system is on a different container. also, we found most of the partners are not tech-savvy to we ourself do all the setup for them, from linking a domain to agency panel to get SSL also to link stripe for partners. another benefit is even if any agency system or Quickzu gets down it won't affect another agency dashboard.
Details Required to setup Agency Dashboard -
  • Agency Name
  • Agency Logo
  • Agency Email
  • Country
  • Currency
  • Domain name- (app.yourdomain.com) we suggest you plan to link the agency dashboard on the subdomain and host your landing page (website) on the root domain.
  • Domain Panel Access- we need so we can configure it manually for you, or you can use cloudflair
  • Stripe API details- we support stripe as a payment gateway now, we can connect your Stripe account with your agency dashboard, you can make plans on the agency dashboard itself.
So what we have for you in Agency/Reseller Plan-
To know more contact me ay Whatsapp : +919039101337
Pricing for Agency Plans- $ XX.00/month
Minimum lock-in for 3 months
  • Access to Agency Panel
  • 150 Business(stores)
  • WhatsApp/Email Support
  • Fully Whitelabel for your brand
  • No hosting required (Hosted on our cloud)
  • Agency Panel Setup/Own Domain Setup
  • Charge subscriptions using Stripe Your service, your price ;) + manual option(offline mode)
  • No technical knowledge required* for setup we will do the setup updates and bug fixes as per roadmap
Note- we won’t provide customisation in features in this plan
Monthly subscription - XX$ minimum lock-in for 3 months
So you have to pay - XXX$ after 3 month you can pay monthly
If you pay for year we can provide discount upto 10%
For any additional stores:-
With your agency plan, you get 150 stores for $XX/month, you can additionally order 150 by topping up $XX/month so on and so forth. For example, if you have 200+ customers, you'd be paying $XX + $XX = $XXX/month
if you want customisation or looking for large volume reach out to us for bulk discount mail us at [email protected]
Now once you send us the details above mentioned we will take 1 day to create Agency Dashboard and link your stripe payment gateway, in case if you don't want to use stripe, you can manually create and manage a store. Also, we accept paid payment gateway integration service if you need to reach out to us. In our reseller/agency plans you can't create another agency account or you can't resell agency plans using an agency dashboard.
now let's learn how to manage the agency Dashboard.