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Business Settings

learn about setting up business details and tax details for your whatsapp store.
Go to Settings in the dashboard
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  • Business Settings - here you can all business-related information including Payment Instructions, Delivery, currency etc.
  • Business Timing- here you can set store timings to take orders online.
  • Theme Selector- here you can select a theme and also customise them through CSS.
  • Custom Domains- here you can add your own domain name for store instead of using our subdomain, ex- yourdomain.com
  • Taxes- here you can define your tax rules for the store.
now let's start with Business Settings
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we have two tabs inside it, 1 Basic Setting, 2 Advance Setting.
Basic Setting-
  • Business Name- fill in your store name or business name example- Le Cafe
  • Category- choose your business type here. ex- grocery, restaurant etc.
  • Logo- upload logo of your brand/business or picture of your store.
  • Business Address- here fill in your business/store address.
  • Business URL- this will be your own Whatsapp store URL, for example- lecafe.quickzu.com. make it short and should be easy for customers to remember.
  • Business Description- write one line about your store or any slogan.
  • Language- Select language for your store, we are continuously adding a new language, you can contact us to help in translation.
  • Mobile Number(Whatsapp Number)- fill your WhatsApp number here, this will be used to get the order on WhatsApp.
  • Currency- Select your currency for products.
  • Country- Select your country
Other toggles-
  • Temporarily Close Business- this toggle helps to show temporarily closed on your Whatsapp store.
  • Maintenance Mode- once enable this toggle will show the maintenance page instead of the store page.
  • Disable Orders (Order Menu)- once enable product will be shown but the order can not be placed.
  • Use Area List For Delivery Cost- this another great feature if you want to customise delivery cost based on area or zip code, you can add area name or zipcode along with the delivery cost for a specific area, once customer order and fill delivery location they will select an area or zip code, the specific delivery price for that area will be added to the total amount. enable this toggle and click on save, now hove over Settings on the dashboard, you will find Area option click on that. Click on Add Area and fill Area name or zip code along with Delivery charges.
Image 2.2
Advance Setting-
  • Cover Image- here you can upload a cover image for your store, be creative while you design your cover as here you can promote anything. Image Size- Width 1455 x Height 300
Image 2.3
  • Receive Orders On- you can set your preference where you want to get an order. you can get an order on WhatsApp as well as a text message, also you will be able to check order history on the web dashboard for advance processing and order management. If you select web-only then you will get orders on the web dashboard where you can manage it better using drag and drop, you can learn about that in the Orders section.
  • Payment Instructions- here you can define how you will take payment from customers, provide your bank account details or instruct your customer on options for payment, you can provide options like payment URL, UPI, PayPal etc.
  • Pick up/Dine-in/Delivery- how you want to serve your, customers, for instore selling select Dine-in options. For safety during Covid best options are Pick up & Delivery. if you enable delivery toggle if you will find delivery settings as mentioned below.
  • Delivery Charges Per Order-you can define fixed pricing for delivery charges for every order.
  • Free Delivery Above- you can also provide free delivery to your customers who have large orders. For example- you set free delivery above 100$ then any customer who will order something value above 100$ will not need to pay delivery charges.
  • Min Order Value For Delivery- you can define min order value for delivery, for example- if the min order value is 100$ and customers order something for 20$ he would not be able to get delivery options.


Google Analytics- this will help you to monitor visitors traffic at your store, which can help you to plan for marketing strategies.