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Add Product & Categories

learn how to add categories and product/services at store.
Image 1.5
before adding any product lets add category, In the dashboard click on categories and click on Add Category button, just put category name and click on create. your category will be added on the store.
Image 1.6
you can also edit categories via the edit button or delete them if not used. and also you can enable or disable any category if you disable any category all products under this category would not show in your store URL (to customers)
Image 1.7 ( Edit category Status)
after adding multiple categories you can drag and move your categories up and down to change its order, it will be reflected in your store home page. you can make category like reccomnanded and move that to top, so customers will find all product of that category in top of your store page.
Image 1.8
now lets product at your store. Click on products in the dashboard.
Image 1.9
Image 1.10
Click on new to add product -
  • Name- fill your product/service name here example- cold coffee. biscuit, hair cutting etc.
  • Category- Select your product category, your product will be shown under this category.
  • Picture- upload product picture, try to have product pictures with the object(product) focused and with white background, a good picture can help you to increase sales.
  • Description- add a short description of the product, like feature or product or about service.
  • Visibility- this toggle will enable or disable your product from the store, if you don't have any product on inventory just disable them, this will save your time from deleting or re-adding that product.
  • Availability- this toggle shows if any item is in stock or not at the store.
  • Exclude tax- if you want to exclude tax from your product or service just enable this toggle.
  • Enable Variants- this toggle will enable variant options, where you can add the same product with more variant and different prices based on the variant, you can learn about it on advance product settings.
  • Extras- this helps you to add extra product offering along with the current product/item. ex- burger with Pepsi, you can use this to create product combos.
Image 1.11
  • Non-veg- this is the feature for a seller who is cafe or restaurant owners, enable for non-vegetarian food. this will be highlighted on the store page.
  • Price/MRP- (maximum retail price)- set your product MRP here.
  • Selling Price- set your selling price here, for example- your MRP is 100$ and the selling price is 80$, it will show as a discount to your customer on the store page.
  • Select product unit- choose product unit based on product or service if you don't find a product unit for your product you can reach out to us, we will add that.
  • Unit value- for any product like coffee product unit can be cup and value can be 1, or can be ML and value can be 250.